Inspection before starting the rice mill and cleaning after use
May 24, 2021

The inspection before start-up includes the mechanical filter screen, mechanical suspension beam, various parts connected to the rice mill, etc. The detailed inspection content is: the filter screen suspension should be flat to ensure that the vertical suspension boom is evenly tight and the wire rope is loose; The suspension beam should be stable; free tools, personnel or other objects above the screen body and the transmission steel cavity; the transmission part can rotate freely and the bearings must be lubricated; check whether all bolts, screws, and nuts have been installed and tightened; all machine covers, The machine door and side sealing plate must be in the correct position and tightened according to the regulations; the cloth feeding tube should be installed loosely and cannot be twisted.


Before starting the rice mill, the key check is the correct connection of the electrical parts, and the vibration table is used to determine the insulation strength to ensure that there is no leakage, and it is safe and reliable. The direction of rotation of the motor should meet the requirements. Bind the rubber and cables, and fix them on the inside of the transmission frame with the transmission clamp. When connecting, the user needs to check the connection and fixation. The cable is worn from the hole harness to the beam. Connect the fixed cable to the seat according to the installed wire clamp. On the boom under the chair, and then fix it along the motor wire until the boom is connected to the power cord.


The cleaning part after use mainly includes four steps of preliminary cleaning and tempering. Usually three screening machines, two washing machines, two waxing machines, one selector, three aspirators, and three magnetic separators are used. Two water dispensers to reduce the garbage content to less than 0.08%.

The general process of the cleaning part is: descaling device-gravity dust collector-wheat storage vibrator-magnetic separator-cleaning machine-rotating screen-gravity dehumidifier-grading automatic dehumidifier-rotary sieving machine-spray water mill.

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