Low Temperature Circulation Paddy Dryer
Jul 16, 2021


CLJ brand dryer is suitable for drying rice, wheat, beans, sorghum, soybeans and other grains. The equipment adopts hot air as the drying medium, low temperature drying cycle designed to save energy, with automatic temperature, moisture measurement and control system, precise control of the drying process to ensure the quality of cereals.

Multiple safety devices

Adopt hot air furnace, without smoke pollution. Furnace with a multi-purpose systems to firewood, crop stalks, chaff, etc. biomass can be used as the heat source used, to minimize the environmental impact.

Low temperature cycling uniform drying, high-quality

Simulate natural drying conditions to maintain the natural characteristics of the grain.

The use of single grain moisture meter, grain moisture control in the best eating range.

Strong wind and low temperature (air temperature of about 40 ~ 60 ), thin layer Drying cereal, short time heating long time tempering, heat consumption is low ,efficiency of dehydration is high, and grain crack is low, no damage to the quality of grain.

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