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Boishakhi Group, The Largest Rice Factory in Bangladesh Installed By Hunan Chenzhou Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd Was Opened
Jul 09, 2021

Boishakhi Group's 2000TPD Auto Complete Paddy Rice Process Plant designed and installed by our company was put into production after three months of trial operation.On March 6, Boishakhi Group held a grand opening ceremony, which attracted great attention and attention from all walks of life in Bangladesh. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture attended the event.As the general responsible unit of the project, our company was invited to attend the opening ceremony. Ms. Huang Zhenzhen, the marketing manager of the International Trade Department, made a product and technology promotion at the conference, and accepted an exclusive interview with the local TV station.


Marketing manager Huang Zhenzhen on behalf of the company gave Paddy Dryer Plant 


Paddy Dryer Plant


Auto Rice Mill Plant

Boishakhi Group rice plant is another super large rice plant with a daily production capacity of one thousand tons following the Heilongjiang Chunhua Qiushi Grain and Oil Group rice plant with a daily processing capacity of 3,000 tons of rice constructed by our company . It is also the first rice plant with a daily production capacity of one thousand tons undertaken by our company in foreign countries.The successful operation of Boishakhi Group is a milestone for our company to develop the international market, which indicates that CLJ will continue to step up to a new level in the construction of large-scale rice processing plants abroad.

Congratulations on the opening of Boishakhi Group!

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