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Paddy Husker

  • Paddy Husker Machine

    Paddy Husker Machine

    This intelligent pneumatic paddy husker machine is completely automatic controlling design. It adopts the latest double frequency conversion energy-saving control technology, low speed roller and high speed roller are driving by two frequency conversion motors and can...
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  • Double Head Husker Machine

    Double Head Husker Machine

    This double head husker machine is completely automatic controlling design. Husker aspiration device adopts conventional vertical suction channels; It adopts vibratory feeding system of high flow and stale feeding ability.
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  • Paddy Husker Rice Milling Machine

    Paddy Husker Rice Milling Machine

    This MLGQ series paddy rice husker is a new type of husking equipment developed by CLJ. This machine adopts pneumatic components to control the feeding and elastic rubber rollers.
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  • Rice Husker

    Rice Husker

    This intelligent pneumatic rice husker is mainly for exuviating and separating, it can shift by gearbox, and the new rubber roller is no need to remove before using up, rigorous structure has characters of no leaking of rice& paddy, good separation performance and convenient...
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  • Rice Mill Husker

    Rice Mill Husker

    This intelligent pneumatic rice mill husker adopts online laser ranging and infrared temperature control: Online laser ranging the diameter of rollers, rollers will switch speed according to program that setup and automaticlly convert frequency to get the best linear velocity.
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