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Emery Roller Rice Processing Machine Rice Whitener

Emery Roller Rice Processing Machine Rice Whitener

This horizontal emery roller rice mill whitener is developed for milling and whitening in large and medium-sized rice milling plan. It adopts suction rice milling, which is advanced techniques of world rice mill whitener at present, to make rice temperature down, bran content less and broken increment lower.

Our company's mission is to meet the ever-increasing needs of customers. With high technology and years of experience, we provide customers with excellent quality mini paddy separator, rice milling machinery, batch grain dryer. We hope that our employees adhere to the work style of truthfulness and pragmatism, be clean, clean work, and truly consistent in word and deed. We have excellent team, excellent R&D capability, strong platform advantage, diligent plowing, and overcome difficulties. Through various effective ways, we provide an open development platform and build a sustainable career path for our employees. If you have good technology alone, you may not be able to do a good job, but also have a serious and responsible attitude.

This horizontal emery roller rice mill whitener is newly developed for brown rice milling and whitening to meet the need of refined rice milling technology. The unique speciality and flexibility of the technical parameters of the milling chamber are most suitable for rough milling and whitening of different regions and grades. The speciality of its structure can best fulfil the technical needs of flexible combination of technology for grain processing of different grades.This rice mill whitener is  convenient in installation, simple in operation and suitable for processing all kinds of rice.














Air volume

1500-2500 m3/h

2000 m3/h

2500-3000 m3/h


510 kg

660 kg

980 kg

Size (LxWxH) mm





1. This rice mill whitener uses Long roll milling,rice be more smooth and shining, whole rice rate is higher.

2. Versatile to process long rice or round rice.

3. Using the outer fan medium-voltage convulsions, addtioal air from the spindle two ends and feeding port, low temperature, less broken rice and chaff rate is low.

We are also focusing on enhancing the things administration and QC program in order that we could keep fantastic advantage within the fiercely-competitive enterprise for Emery Roller Rice Processing Machine Rice Whitener. The company takes the standardized quality management system as the standard and introduces the international advanced experience. We have not only gathered a group of scientific research forces with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, but also have stocked a large number of technologies and related products, and have practical experience in the research and development of related products.
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