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New Style Rice Emery Roller Whitener

New Style Rice Emery Roller Whitener

This horizontal emery roller rice mill whitener is developed for milling and whitening in large and medium-sized rice milling plan. It adopts suction rice milling, which is advanced techniques of world rice mill whitener at present, to make rice temperature down, bran content less and broken increment lower.

We actively listen to our customers in order to improve and refine our cylinder rice grader, water polisher, Rice Mill Plant and services to better meet their expectations. Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, we vigorously develop a circular economy and a low-carbon economy. We are committed to providing customers with advanced technology, high-quality equipment and perfect services. Once you choose us, you will get our promise! With our leading market position, high production capacity and partners all over the country, we are able to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

This horizontal emery roller rice mill whitener is newly developed for brown rice milling and whitening to meet the need of refined rice milling technology. The unique speciality and flexibility of the technical parameters of the milling chamber are most suitable for rough milling and whitening of different regions and grades. The speciality of its structure can best fulfil the technical needs of flexible combination of technology for grain processing of different grades.This rice mill whitener is  convenient in installation, simple in operation and suitable for processing all kinds of rice.














Air volume

1500-2500 m3/h

2000 m3/h

2500-3000 m3/h


510 kg

660 kg

980 kg

Size (LxWxH) mm





1. This rice mill whitener uses Long roll milling,rice be more smooth and shining, whole rice rate is higher.

2. Versatile to process long rice or round rice.

3. Using the outer fan medium-voltage convulsions, addtioal air from the spindle two ends and feeding port, low temperature, less broken rice and chaff rate is low.

Each process has strict quality standards, which have been checked at various levels, so that the quality of our New Style Rice Emery Roller Whitener has been fully guaranteed. We firmly believe that everyone is a talent and horse racing does not match horses. It's not easy to do simple things well. We grasp the market trends, conscientiously implement the customer return visit system, timely feedback market information.
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